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Huihua Yao Wanjia, Enlighten the World ---- Huihua Group's Qiming EP Project is officially launched

Huihua Yaowanjia, enlighten the world

                      ----Huihua Group Qiming EP project officially launched

Wen Group Network Information Department Guan Yang


On December 17, 2020, the Huihua Group Qiming EP project kick-off meeting was grandly held in the conference room on the fifth floor of the group headquarters. After 9 years, Huihua Group, whose business philosophy is "Benefit the world, Huayao Wanjia", and Qiming Company, whose mission is to "light up the digital world", have once again joined hands to create a smart ecosystem for auto dealer groups. ——EP software.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, the meeting was presided over by Sun Xueying, director of the Group's Network Information Department. Minister Sun expressed his full affirmation and expectation for Qiming and its EP products with a welcome speech of "new products are good, friends are good old". Qiming project manager Sun Yunlong and others explained the EP project. This EP project is a technical upgrade of the DMS products that Huihua Group has used for 9 years. The project is divided into two stages. The first stage: December 2020-June 2021, complete the construction of EP products and the docking of the barrier system, FanRuan report and BI software; the second stage: July 2021-December 2021, complete the spare parts Construction and operation of TDS project and group membership software. After the system upgrade, Huihua Group adopted EP system (DMS, FI, insurance agency, membership system integration, new pre-sales management module, second-hand car management module, sales assistant APP, barrier lifting system and other functions), spare center TDS Seven systems (new), member mall (new), Huihua Finance (original), HR system (original), OA system (original) and Fanruan BI system (newly added) realize intelligent decision-making , Business integration. Among them, the member mall (group version) and the function of bar gate lifting are used to improve service quality, enhance user viscosity and experience, realize diversified sales channels, expand group revenue, build brand image, and expand publicity and promotion channels.

Zhang Hailan, Vice President of Qiming Company, said that since childhood R3 to EP, the group and Qiming have a 20-year history of cooperation. We have not only formed a cooperative relationship, but also formed a solid partnership. We are inclusive and trusting each other. The FAW Group is doing digital transformation, large manufacturing, large operations, and large marketing. Therefore, the DMS products of our dealer group will inevitably transform to EP. The Huihua project will be the top priority of our two companies in 2021. Qiming will devote the greatest energy to work hand in hand with Huihua.

Li Yuming, vice chairman of Huihua Group, made a concluding speech: In the past 20 years, Huihua Group has grown from nothing to glory. Qiming has also witnessed the development and growth of Huihua Group. Information construction is inseparable from the opening of Ming’s original system support. Therefore, at the critical moment of digital transformation, we conducted a serious evaluation on the choice of the most expensive or the most suitable product. In the end, we did not change our original intention and still chose Qiming. It is an important manifestation of Huihua's cherished friendship. What we need to solve now is how to do it and how to do it better. We must focus on benchmarking, integration, layout and innovation. We will continue to work hard in new technologies, new wisdom, new speed, etc., with wisdom transformation as the foundation, to create products that can stand the test of time and efficiency.