Group Profile

Liaoning Huihua Automobile Group is a large-scale automobile dealer group engaged in automobile sales, service and derivative business. The group acts as an agent for FAW Group's full range of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Its business covers complete vehicle sales, maintenance, automobile boutiques, and automobiles. Derivative businesses such as finance, auto spare parts, and second-hand cars. The group is rooted in Liaoning and faces both domestic and international markets. Its brand stores enjoy a high reputation in the regional, domestic and surrounding international markets, and it has become a leader in the regional automotive industry.

In the 20 years since its establishment, Huihua Group has set a number of industry benchmarks and won wide acclaim from the industry, society and the media, including the first batch of Volkswagen’s latest global standard model stores, Audi’s first 6S flagship store in China, and FAW Mazda’s excellent sales Service shop, model shop of National Bestune Sales and Service Center (national exclusive), and designated as spare parts center of Liaoning Province by FAW Group and Xichai Factory The group continues to be awarded the team’s highest award by FAW "Meritious Investment Dealer Group". In 2020, the group won the 94th place in the top 100 auto dealer groups in China, and the 44th place in the top 100 private enterprises in Liaoning in 2020. Chairman of the group Li Yanhai has been awarded the highest awards by FAW Group, such as "Meritorious Investor" and "Merritable Independent Investor" many times, and has been awarded personally by the general manager and chairman of FAW Group since the 1980s, and was honored by FAW Group's dealer alliance The rotating chairman and chairman of the FAW Liberation Dealer Investor Council, won the "May 1st" Labor Medal issued by Liaoning Province and the title of "Excellent Communist Party Member" by the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, and was received by the governor.

The group has always adhered to the development route of strategic forward, and actively explored in frontier fields such as auto finance. Established an insurance agency company to expand the property and life insurance agency markets while developing auto insurance business. At the same time, it participated in the Xin'an Insurance Company led by the FAW Group, and in-depth cooperation with the financial sector to build a financial service ecosystem; Huihua Financial Leasing was established in 2016 ( Tianjin) Co., Ltd., the business quickly moved from the region to the whole country. In 2017, the Group and China FAW, Jilin Provincial Equity Fund, China Reform Investment Fund, China CITIC Bank and other core shareholders jointly inject capital to establish FAW Overseas Investment Co., Ltd. to support Chinese companies to carry out strategic long-term investment along the “Belt and Road”. The above-mentioned strategic layout enabled Huihua Group to seize the commanding heights in the field of auto finance, laying a solid foundation for the group's annual business scale to enter the ranks of 10 billion in a relatively short period of time.







The group owns 4S stores such as FAW-Volkswagen, Audi, Jiefang, Hongqi, Pentium, FAW Toyota,  FAW Jiefang Qingdao Division, Light Truck Division, Spare Parts Division, International Trade Division, Financial Leasing Company, Insurance Agency The company, passenger car spare parts, tires, oil products and many other business units and business segments, the business network covers Liaoshen area, Xinjiang and overseas.




Huihua will be guided by sustainable development, adhere to the development strategy of "strength benefiting China, harmonious Huihua, and opening up Huihua" and the action strategy of "striving for the first, innovating industry, and building Huihua's first service brand" to continue to lead The automobile industry in Liaoshen and even the Northeast region contributes to industry development and industrial upgrading.