corporate culture
The details are as follows:
Huihua core values:

Honesty, innovation, customer first, social value.

Huihua Vision:

Build "Harmonious Huihua, Open Huihua, and Strength Huihua".

Huihua Spirit:

Learning, dedication, innovation, and collaboration.

Huihua's concept of success or failure:

The winner finds a way, the loser finds a reason.

Huihua Market View:

Don't be afraid of competition, and treat crises as opportunities.

Huihua Learning View:

Huihua's learning concept: Knowledge changes destiny, and learning makes the future.

Huihua workplace view:

Huihua workplace view: attitude determines height, positioning determines status.

Huihua's View of Reflection:

Huihua's Reflective View: Mistakes are not terrible, but terrible is making the same mistakes over and over again.

Huihua Way of Thinking:

Huihua way of thinking: team management is motivation-oriented;

Service-oriented teamwork;

The business objectives are oriented by market demand;

Management goals are oriented towards customer satisfaction;

Business operations are highly efficient and lean-oriented;

The work plan is guided by medium and long-term strategic goals.

Huihua work philosophy:

Innovation, speed, no excuses.

Huihua team philosophy:

Responsibility, learning, happiness, taking advantage of others.

Huihua Employment Concept:

Moral first, cultural identity, selection of talents, fair competition.

Huihua business philosophy:

Persistently meet customer needs and always strive for excellence.

Huihua Quality Concept:

Quality is the starting point of value, the guarantee of dignity, and the lifeblood of a company's survival.

Huihua Service Concept:

Service wins the market, service creates value, service builds brand.

Huihua customer philosophy:

Creating value for customers is the only reason for our existence. Customer praise is our greatest wealth.

Huihua management philosophy:

Scientific, strict, meticulous and individual. Management is serious love, speaks with numbers, and is oriented by goals and results.

Huihua Group's strategic development goals in the new era: "Strive for No. 1, innovate industry, and build Huihua's first service brand" is the strategic goal of Huihua Group in the medium and long-term development stage Leading the Group’s continued leadership in the industry.
Strive for the first:

For production plants and distributor groups, it is not necessary to pursue the largest scale, but it must be the strongest and be in the first camp in the country. In general, the brands of Huihua Group are in a leading position in the industry and within the FAW Group, and they are all ranked in the first camp in the country.

Innovation industry:

1. It is a greater development. The scope of shop construction extends to the north and the south, inside and outside the Great Wall. International Trade has gone out and adopted various cooperation methods to extend its business to North Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. While expanding the international market, the markets for financial leasing, insurance agency and spare parts will all become important pillars of the group.

Second, it is innovative thinking. If you want to innovate in your work, you must have a breakthrough in concepts. If you dare to think, your thinking determines the way out.

The third is to innovate business models and working methods. Executives must learn to look at the post-80s and 90s generations with appreciation.

Build Huihua's No. 1 Service Brand:

In today's homogenization of products, the more important element of enterprise competition is service, which truly satisfies employees and customers, and allows customers to have a good experience and feelings. To practice internal strength down-to-earth, there must be specific methods and measures for how to build it. Two points are worth noting:

One is to pay attention to details, and details determine success or failure.

Second, the system, standards, and management tools must be implemented.

You must be concerned about your employees and resign if you don't meet your personal wishes. This is a manifestation of irresponsibility and abuse of power. You must be reasonable with employees and be caring and helpful to employees. As a professional manager, you must learn to empathize and convince people with morality.