Corporate Strategy
The strategic goal of the group's development is to


Striving for the first:Market share and customer satisfaction. Old stores must take the lead in the industry and FAW Group, ranking first in the country; new stores must take the lead in new dealers and regions.

Innovation industry:Innovative thinking, innovative business models, innovative working methods, and marching towards the international market.

Build Huihua's first service brand:Start with the details, start from me, start from now, practice hard work, do every ordinary and simple thing down-to-earth, and truly satisfy employees, customers, and shareholders.

The meaning of the group's 2021 work theme is as follows:

Innovation——Thinking innovation, business innovation, method innovation, channel innovation;

In the context of information technology and the Internet, the sustainable development of enterprises is of vital importance, and sustainable development must be based on continuous innovation. Fully integrate the existing resources of the group and give full play to the advantages of the group. On the basis of the original business, always maintain innovative thinking, adopt innovative methods, expand innovative business channels, continue to develop innovative businesses, expand the level of differentiation with competitors in the same industry, and achieve continuous growth of the company's business.

Fine--Fine management, standardized process, precise positioning, precise service;

There is no end to fine management, refine the corporate management system, subdivide corporate organizational functions, improve corporate management systems, and clarify responsibilities. Achieve accurate positioning of target markets and customers, fully and accurately grasp market changes and customer needs, and fully guarantee accurate positioning of customers and precise service directions.

Carried out--Continuous optimization, full implementation, strong supervision, and prohibitions;

Give full play to the leading role of the key minority, continue to optimize and adjust the team members, strengthen the strong role of assessment and supervision, use serious discipline and iron hand to solve outstanding problems of individual governance, and effectively improve execution.

Breakthrough--Breakthrough in short board, sales volume, service, profit.

Breakthrough is to improve quality and increase. The performance of the business units of the group is extremely uneven. The less advanced units urgently need to improve their performance, the weak sectors must achieve breakthroughs, and the weak indicators must be improved. We have made a strong breakthrough in short-term business (services, spare parts, used cars, regional market share of complete vehicles, etc.), integrated resources, set the bottom line for compliance, and resolutely solved the pain points.