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Cultural concept
Survival and development
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Team building
Team building
The backbone means responsibility first
Team professional ethics training is the basis and prerequisite of professional construction is a compulsory course for every employee
Everyone paddles and sails the big boat, the key is to think in one place, and use it in one place.
With an active and open mind, we will continue to push forward the reform and other undertakings focusing on human resource management
Responsibility and mission are the foundation of the group's sustainable development
Talent team building is the fundamental guarantee for the healthy development of an enterprise
Correct and unified values are the fundamental guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of an enterprise
Correct and unified values are the fundamental guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of an enterprise

The mission and values of "Microsoft" are to help individuals and companies around the world to realize their potential, so that every table and every family has a computer; the goal of "Coca-Cola" is to make the whole world love drinking and addictive; "KFC" To become the most popular food and beverage in the world.

Target positioning is global, which can be described as "aspirational." The United States has developed from a British colony to the world's number one empire. In the words of President Roosevelt, it has benefited from the high degree of unity of national goals. As the saying goes: "All the people are one mind, the profit cuts the gold", "the same minded."

Everyone in the team has a trumpet and each has its own tune, where there will be synergy, cohesion, and combat effectiveness.

The project team of Anxin Human Resources Consulting Company checked the talents of the group management team and found that our middle and senior executives generally have a weak overall concept, which is a fatal injury to the healthy and sustainable development of the company.

The recent dismissal and dismissal of some managers from the group is mostly not because of ability or experience problems, but mainly because of differences in value orientation. It is precisely because of "different ambitions, disagreements, and non-conspiracy".

With the right values, we should treat work as a career rather than just a means of earning a living. For the cause, we need to suffer a little bit, and we need to be a little tired. Thinking about the future gains, we are all worth the effort today.

A person's success and failure, strength and weakness of willpower is an important watershed, without lofty goals, you can not get rid of the various temptations of today's society. Our managers at all levels have certain rights. Can we not wet their shoes while standing by the river? Some of us are addicted to the fantasy world of online games and can't extricate themselves from it. How can we take on the responsibility?

Correct values rely on demonstration and guidance at all levels, unify personal goals and corporate development goals, and form an organic whole. Only this organization can be strong and powerful. Enhancing the initiative, consciousness, and continuity of the implementation of corporate goals, and realizing self-worth in the process, is a concentrated expression of managerial leadership.

At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of systems and standards. The management has no demotion and salary reduction, no exit mechanism, where does the vitality come from? There must be those who go and those who will make up for the past, and keep the management team from slack through institutionalization.

Contribute to the enterprise, return to the society, improve oneself, and benefit others. This is a state, and it is also the duty of professional managers.

Quoted from the chairman's message in the 24th issue