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Team building
The backbone means responsibility first
Team professional ethics training is the basis and prerequisite of professional construction is a compulsory course for every employee
Everyone paddles and sails the big boat, the key is to think in one place, and use it in one place.
With an active and open mind, we will continue to push forward the reform and other undertakings focusing on human resource management
Responsibility and mission are the foundation of the group's sustainable development
Talent team building is the fundamental guarantee for the healthy development of an enterprise
Correct and unified values are the fundamental guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of an enterprise
Talent team building is the fundamental guarantee for the healthy development of an enterprise

As the saying goes: "Ten years of trees, 100 years of trees." It is said that the training of talents is a long-term strategy, and training talents is by no means easy. Modern factories and stores are easy to build as long as they have money. With the same hardware conditions and market environment, why do some companies develop steadily, sustainably and healthily, and some companies find it difficult to do better or even close down? The main difference is the talent team.

The construction of the talent team of Huihua Group has a long way to go and has been on the way. In the past few years, with the rapid growth of the automobile industry, the Huihua Group industry has accelerated its pace of development, and the contradiction of lagging talent team construction is very prominent. Focus more on building a platform for managers to create opportunities for growth and exercise. The problems of inbreeding and putting ducks on shelves are prominent and common, which has seriously affected the healthy and healthy development of the group. Some units have lost their registered capital in a few years. After learning from the pain, since 2012, the Group has optimized the management team, especially the senior management, based on the principle of marketization. Recruitment through the social talent market has improved the structure and quality of the talent team. It has played an important role in ensuring the improvement of the quality of operation management, reversing the loss of some units and the long-term stability of the group. Toyota Tieling Store, Volkswagen Chaoyang Store and Jiefang Xinjiang Store are very typical representatives.

Each unit has also done a lot of work on the optimization of the frontline backbone and employees at the grassroots level, adhering to principles, resisting pressure, and solving problems within their own management scope. FAW’s Jilin Store performed well, removing the burden ahead of time and loading lightly. Volkswagen Shenyang selects people accurately, keeps the entrance closed, and invites outstanding talents such as Pinguan as much as possible. Jiefang Commercial Vehicle has a low base salary, high commission and creativity. Business performance has doubled year by year. In particular, the group seized the opportunity of the liberation of Changchun and Qingdao branches, and quickly responded and established the liberation of Qingdao’s Liaoyang store, Chaoyang store, Xinjiang store, Panjin store, etc., which greatly improved market coverage and profitability, which is of very important strategic significance.

The construction of the talent team is a very important system project. It is not only the business of the group leaders, but also the business of the functional departments and the general manager. It is the responsibility of every manager.

The construction of the talent team requires all managers to have a strategic perspective and be persistent.

The construction of the talent team requires that all managers should be from the overall perspective, open their arms, and accept better talents to join our team. Wu Dalang should not open a store, and no one else can be higher than himself, so that the enterprise will have no hope.

To build a talent team, selection, training, use, and retention must be organically combined, and none of them are indispensable.

Talent team building requires all managers. Must have a high sense of responsibility and principle. Don't allow accommodating, don't be afraid of offending people. If you feel a bit of pain, you must continue unswervingly. Purifying the environment requires a certain price and cost, and it is worth paying for a good ecology.

Quoted from the chairman's message in the 32nd issue