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Team building
The backbone means responsibility first
Team professional ethics training is the basis and prerequisite of professional construction is a compulsory course for every employee
Everyone paddles and sails the big boat, the key is to think in one place, and use it in one place.
With an active and open mind, we will continue to push forward the reform and other undertakings focusing on human resource management
Responsibility and mission are the foundation of the group's sustainable development
Talent team building is the fundamental guarantee for the healthy development of an enterprise
Correct and unified values are the fundamental guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of an enterprise
Responsibility and mission are the foundation of the group's sustainable development

Whether the group can develop in a healthy, stable and sustainable manner, and become a platform and home for all employees to survive and develop, and to contribute to society, the key lies in the sense of responsibility and mission of the investors, professional managers and staff.

As a multi-brand agent of leading manufacturers in the domestic and international automotive industries, we have more than 20 years of development. We have no shortage of processes, specifications, and management experience. The biggest challenge and test to us is the sense of responsibility and mission of our management team.

Whether our management team can take the first level of work, and do it for the first level, really roll up their sleeves, throw off their arms, and slam down, and they can work hard.

In the past two years, gratifying changes have taken place in the liberation of Shenyang area and the liberation of Panjin store. From the leadership that asked me to do it in the past, I wanted to do it now. After the sales team was streamlined, part of the backbone was busy, and the phenomenon that a bunch of support had nothing to do was gone.

It is commonplace to work overtime during peak sales seasons and when credit consumption assessments are concentrated, and sometimes even family members are invited to help organize credit consumption materials, which has become the norm. Due to the team's ability, coupled with the performance incentives of low base salary and high commission, the performance has been greatly improved, and the team's income has increased simultaneously and the mental outlook has undergone profound changes. Everyone works harder and tiring sometimes, but enjoys it. This sense of responsibility and mission to build a shared home together is our group's hope.

However, between managers and management teams, the imbalance of responsibility and mission is very prominent. For example, some companies just got rid of the dilemma of loss in 2016, they were blindly proud and complacent, and the thoughts and behaviors of breathing and resting caused a cliff-like decline in vehicle sales in January 2017; commercial vehicles were the group’s earliest business project. Our vehicle sales accounted for more than one-third of the province’s total, and credit consumption accounted for more than 50% of the province’s total. In 2017, the financial sector granted us nearly 1 billion credits for commercial vehicles, and our share in the province will reach Over 70%. However, it is very regrettable that our large-scale vehicle sales and the contribution to insurance company premiums, our maintenance output value is not as good as that of small and medium-sized 4S stores. This kind of lame status is a great waste of resources. Some store general managers hold positions for as little as three or five years, or as long as ten years. No matter how unfamiliar with the service, it is impossible to justify. It is your mission that the general manager of the 4S store is good at all sections. You should not position yourself and downgrade you to the sales director; there are also people who only promise, do not honor, only advertise, and see no effect; some managers are not rigorous and careless. The sales volume of more than 300 complete vehicles in a year, and the group has used data to speak for many years. The inventory depth is expressed in approximate, possible, and similar adjectives. It is hard to imagine how such a manager can lead his team; there are some stores. Managers at the general level and above lack high standards and strict requirements in their work. They either turn a blind eye to problems, or reduce major and minor issues, or let their subordinates let themselves go. This is the root cause of the stagnant performance of some units and the inability to produce outstanding talents.

The cruel market situation leaves us with few opportunities. Managers at all levels, especially senior executives, should ask themselves, what has Huihua given you? What did you bring to Huihua? What did you do to your team? What else can you do?

Investors are also willing to think deeply about the above questions, improve their way of thinking and work style, and do today and tomorrow with a high sense of responsibility and mission, based on the present and focusing on the future. Let us encourage each other.

Quoted from the chairman's message in the 31st issue