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Team building
The backbone means responsibility first
Team professional ethics training is the basis and prerequisite of professional construction is a compulsory course for every employee
Everyone paddles and sails the big boat, the key is to think in one place, and use it in one place.
With an active and open mind, we will continue to push forward the reform and other undertakings focusing on human resource management
Responsibility and mission are the foundation of the group's sustainable development
Talent team building is the fundamental guarantee for the healthy development of an enterprise
Correct and unified values are the fundamental guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of an enterprise
With an active and open mind, we will continue to push forward the reform and other undertakings focusing on human resource management

For a long period of time, due to the blowout growth of the automobile market, the group was immersed in the joy of singing and dancing from top to bottom. When the blowout suddenly ended and turned to micro-growth, some of our senior managers were at a loss. The declining performance indicators and the serious loss of front-line core backbones make the sustainable development of the company face very severe challenges.

Comrade Mao Zedong once pointed out: "The masses are true heroes, but we ourselves are often naive and ridiculous. The people, and only the people, are the driving force to create world history."

In the era of big data of global economic integration, the development of enterprises and the progress of society must rely on close teamwork. Gone are the days of relying on individual elites to build relationships, go through the back door, and win market opportunities during the period of shortage of production materials. It is inevitable that the market will be eliminated by not working hard. It's just a matter of time.

At the initial stage of the Huihua Group, investors responded to each other, and then they were exhausted. After reaching a considerable scale, there was a serious information asymmetry in the country and the world. The hilltop culture of severe individualism and standardism shielded the group's values and culture, and Huihua's core values of "integrity as the root, collaboration as the foundation, innovation as the soul, and diligence as the road" failed to effectively convey and instill. In this era of diversified values, blindly catering and indulging, a small number of young people’s ideology and guidance methods have gone to extremes. Some young people from underdeveloped areas who are not rich in family backgrounds are unwilling to endure hardships and pursue enjoyment, which seriously affects In order to improve the healthy development and growth of the team, it will mislead others.

The back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves, and one generation is stronger than one. President Xi Jinping’s recognition as China’s only world-class leader is the most powerful illustration. Metabolism is a natural law and is not shifted by people's subjective will. The transition between the old and the new should be positive and open-minded and happy to see it. Don't start from the individual and the standard, make comments and make irresponsible remarks. Finding the right position and adjusting your mentality can make a difference.

The group summed up the mistakes in human resource management in the past, and based on the principle of cooperation and sharing, invited Anxin Human Resources Consulting Company in, and let their professional team do the things that we can’t do or can’t do well. They will be professional and fair. More scientific and rational, while building an organizational structure that supports the scale of tens of billions, it has created a larger space and stage for the growth of the group's employee team. I hope that those with aspirations will seize the opportunity to grow together with the group.

Change will be painful, and no change is fatal, so the determination to change is unwavering, overcome all difficulties, eliminate all interference, and push the change forward unremittingly.

Quoted from the chairman's message in the 23rd issue