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The backbone means responsibility first
Team professional ethics training is the basis and prerequisite of professional construction is a compulsory course for every employee
Everyone paddles and sails the big boat, the key is to think in one place, and use it in one place.
With an active and open mind, we will continue to push forward the reform and other undertakings focusing on human resource management
Responsibility and mission are the foundation of the group's sustainable development
Talent team building is the fundamental guarantee for the healthy development of an enterprise
Correct and unified values are the fundamental guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of an enterprise
The backbone means responsibility first

As the saying goes: "A group of geese fly high and lead the geese", "The train runs fast by the headband." The backbone is the head geese distributed in the various operation management teams of the enterprise, and the backbone team is the leader of the operation management team of the enterprise.

The backbone is not status, privileges, titles, or money, but a kind of responsibility backbone. The higher the position, the greater the power, the heavier the responsibility, and the more responsibilities. Only by fulfilling their duties, being responsible for employees, enterprises, and society, can we have more followers. Continuously achieve and exceed goals, realize value, and contribute to society. Otherwise, your backbone role will be lost. Because the backbone is not banned by superiors, not by their own destiny, but recognized by the team in the practice of work, and they are born naturally. Without a sense of responsibility, the management of an enterprise will be inefficient, and there will be no competitiveness without efficiency. It is natural to eliminate it without competitiveness.

The backbone is a typical public figure and must lead by example. The backbone is the ambassador of the company and the spokesperson of the company. Corporate employees and customers will ask you different requirements from ordinary employees and ordinary citizens. This is especially true for young backbones. Your prestige does not come from your power. How much can you provide your team in terms of preaching, teaching, and solving puzzles? You must first become a student, strengthen your own cultivation, and display and enrich the corporate cultural connotation with your own personality charm. Say what you should say and do what you should do instead of what you like. This is well-trained and professional. Blindly relying on hard power to suppress methods will not work, is not desirable, and should not be.

The role of the backbone is not reflected in personal reputation, but in work results. There shouldn't be questions one after another and no one will make a fuss. The strategy of an enterprise is more that investors consider and pay attention to. The important thing for the backbone is to be down-to-earth and do every simple and ordinary thing. It is not easy to do every simple thing well, and it is not ordinary to do every ordinary thing well. The grasp of market information is the most basic work, and it is often our weakest link. How can it be made clear by its dizziness? Communication is the basic skills and compulsory course for the backbone. It is often a weak link in some of our parts. Communication with manufacturers is difficult and not timely. How to grasp first-hand information, how to get relatively popular varieties, how to get it Policy support? If communication with customers is not timely or there are obstacles, how to consolidate the long-term and stable cooperative relationship between the two parties? Blindly giving profits is a suicidal operation, what is the value of the backbone?

The attitude of doing things, at a high level, is a sense of professionalism and responsibility. Professionals are always in awe of every simple and ordinary thing, and strive to do, love, and drill, and become experts in the industry.

Everyone will have their own lofty ideals and goals, but often they shouldn't be high-spirited, and they must not do things small, but focus on the big and the small. Start bit by bit today, start with me, start now.

Quoted from the chairman's message in the 7th issue