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Huihua Vision—Building "Harmonious Huihua, Open Huihua, and Strength Huihua"
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Huihua Vision—Building "Harmonious Huihua, Open Huihua, and Strength Huihua"

In 2009, Huihua Group planned the grand strategic goal of the "Seven Ones" project in the next 2-3 years. Now the Audi brand team’s goal of 100 million yuan in service output value has been achieved first, which has encouraged the morale of the entire Huihua Group. In addition, China’s automobile industry is in a golden period of rapid growth, especially the policy of revitalizing the northeast old industrial base, and the total economic volume of Liaoning Has jumped to seventh place in the country. As the saying goes, "time, place, and people are harmonious", in this context, the president of the group promptly put forward Huihua's vision: that is to build "harmonious Huihua, open Huihua, and strength Huihua".

Build a "harmonious Huihua". We must adhere to the concept and principle of "customers first, employees second, investors third". Customers are our food and clothing parents, we must insist on customer first; employees are practitioners of customer value, only employee satisfaction can make customers satisfied, we must insist on employees second; and investors mainly do a good job in logistics, to provide customers, Employee service, we must insist on investor third, and continuously enhance humanistic care.

Construct "open Huihua". The group must adopt an open mind, adhere to the line of meritocracy, extensively absorb all kinds of talents, and build an elite team; adhere to the domestic and international markets, expand together, and adapt to the global economic integration and internationalization. The pattern and big changes.

Build "Strength Huihua". It is to build Huihua's core competitiveness so that all Huihua employees are relatively wealthy and make greater contributions to society.

To achieve this goal, firstly rely on speed to maintain the industry's leading position; secondly rely on innovation, breakthrough and surpassing oneself; thirdly rely on technology and system to improve efficiency; fourthly rely on scale. Dealer group is a development trend. Be large enough to resist risks. Ability can be improved. The single store is making efforts to strengthen, and at the same time, it is necessary to obtain benefits from the derivative business and other industrial chains to effectively increase labor productivity. Powerful Huihua people, condensing Huihua soul!

Quoted from the Chairman's Message from Issue 9