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Huihua Vision—Building "Harmonious Huihua, Open Huihua, and Strength Huihua"
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Innovation is the call of mission and the inevitable requirement of development
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Persist in reform and innovation, and work hard and down-to-earth
Persist in reform and innovation, and work hard and down-to-earth

In 2017, overcapacity in the auto industry, intensified market competition, shortage of money and difficulties in obtaining loans for SMEs became more prominent. The tragedy of the car dealers around us falling because of the broken capital chain is shocking. In such a market environment and background, Huihua has achieved the best operating results in the past five years. In particular, the profit model and structure have undergone a fundamental change and have been raised to a new level. It is really precious and gratifying.

The fruitful results of Huihua in 2017 are due to Huihua's continuous optimization of the management team since 2012, and a series of reforms that promote the salary system, micro-innovation, refined management, and auto finance. The reform has greatly mobilized the enthusiasm and creativity of all employees. The reform has allowed us to enter the blue ocean of financial leasing commercial vehicles, especially the second-hand car market. This differentiation has greatly improved our market competitiveness and profitability, and is a sustainable development for the company. Provides an important guarantee.

As large as a country, as small as an enterprise or individual, his growth and development cannot be achieved once and for all. Reform and innovation are the country and are also destined to be the main theme and normality of Huihua. I hope that all Huihua employees will consciously unify their thoughts and actions to this theme. In the face of such severe market challenges and pressures, Huihua must become a force, maintain a voice and adhere to a value orientation. Only in this way can it be invincible.

For group executives, the most important thing is to have a big picture, to be ambitious, to solve and deal with problems in a fair, just, and independent work, rather than avoiding conflicts and crying children to his mother. Don't be opportunistic, it must be short-lived.

For grassroots managers, the most important thing is to lead by example and fulfill their duties. Fly down, roll up your sleeves and take the lead to increase your charisma and cohesion.

Then there is the continuous improvement of the salary system, allowing responsible managers and front-line backbone employees who have made outstanding contributions to increase their income levels and enhance their sense of gain and happiness.

Our management should respect the creative spirit and achievements of the employee team, and provide them with a platform so that they have the opportunity to show themselves. This should become an important part of Huihua culture.

Huihua is the home of struggling people. There will be many difficulties and even setbacks in the process of struggle. Only by having fun in it can we move forward courageously.

Quoted from the chairman's message in the 33rd issue