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Wise first

Li Ka-shing, who started with seven thousand dollars and started to sell plastic flowers on the banks of the Xiangjiang River, began to reach the richest Chinese in the world. When asked about the secret to his success, Li Ka-shing answered only four words "never give up". No matter what kind of dream you want to achieve, persistence is the most basic element. At present, the most profitable Volkswagen brand in the automotive industry also experienced the difficult start period of joint venture domestic production. Without careful cultivation and persistence during the start period, it will not usher in the harvest and sharing of its heyday; Audi 100 domestically produced 30,000 vehicles We did not have 15 million yuan in fund-raising investment for the pilot project. Why did the first batch of agents of the Audi A6 blowout market be shortlisted; the liberation agency is not the entry point when the market is low, and how will it endure in the future.

To be one step ahead to seize the commanding heights of the market requires foresight and more responsibility. It requires hard work, quick response, tight and tight, not opportunistic. The so-called richest man in Jiangsu Province. With the fall of Nanjing Mayor Ji Jianye, his wealth has also been wiped out; Dongguan's economic transformation astray incident is thought-provoking. Under the background of diverse values and changing concepts, keeping the bottom line of law and moral conscience is a citizen Due obligations. No distinction between right and wrong and the inversion of black and white will inevitably lead to confusion.

Our original biggest competitor of the same brand finally withdrew from the auto industry because of the credibility of Ren Sanqu. It can be said that "if the sky is sentimental and the sky is also old, the right path in the world is the vicissitudes of life".

Huihua's healthy and stable development stems from its DNA. Since its establishment, Huihua has never looked for backers, has not stepped on the red line, has its feet on the ground, stupid birds fly first, never slackens, pursues customer satisfaction to the maximum extent, and has withstood the test of various storms.

Huihua never changed his mind. This mountain looked at the high mountain, and when he reached the mountain, he stilted his feet. To do a solid job well, the value chain of one thing can be extended very long, the scale can be large, and one thing can be done safely and large. Don't be lazy, don't go around.

The healthy and sustainable development of an enterprise requires the persistence of winning without being arrogant and not discouraged. This is precisely what our management team lacks. The market blowout era is blindly complacent, does not practice internal skills, and lives by speculation; the micro-growth era of slowing market growth is still passively waiting and waiting, lacking self-examination and thinking, and even lacking the courage and determination to overcome and surpass oneself, how to overcome the increasing A strong opponent? In the future, the opponent must be the strong in the world. This is the inevitable result of global economic integration. Are we ready, please?

Quoted from the chairman's message in the 22nd issue