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Innovation is the call of mission and the inevitable requirement of development
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Persist in reform and innovation, and work hard and down-to-earth
Innovation is the call of mission and the inevitable requirement of development

As large as a country, as small as an enterprise or a person, living in the past glory will only stagnate. Innovation or death has become the theme song of the 21st century. If a company does not strive to innovate, its prospects will be extremely bleak, so innovation is the only choice for companies.

There are three basic elements of enterprise innovation:

Firstly it must be unique, secondly it must be valuable, and again it must be worthy of exchange. Innovation is not innovation, the road to innovation is full of thorns. Ford builds cheap cars through assembly lines, creates a unique manufacturing process and organizational structure, brings value that customers have never thought of, and achieves great commercial success. When you lose market sensitivity in the face of success, you will not be able to sustain growth. Ford’s lessons in this regard are profound. The case of losing our sensitivity to the market and making some parts of our group pay expensive tuition fees shocked us and shuddered. Mistakes and setbacks have taught us that we should become smarter. Enterprises have paid so much tuition for us, and they don’t want to return.

Customer value standards are the basis of our business activities. What do customers or consumers really need? How can we solve their problems? How can we make them feel better or live happier?

Innovation requires conditions. Even simple and ordinary things cannot be done well, and environmental hygiene cannot be done well. How to make customers happy? Only by solidifying the basic work can a qualitative leap be achieved.

Excellent innovation culture is reflected in team spirit. Maximize your employees’ strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses.

Respect individuals, everyone feels that they are important and bring some unique things to the collective. You don’t care about them, they have no choice but to take care of themselves.

Focusing on achieving a great cause and achieving a win-win situation, team members can work together and help each other, overcome the idea of working, and fight for their ideals and great goals. It's very easy to find one's position, so that you won't complain, and you will feel joy in the struggle and endless joy.

Quoted from the chairman's message in the 21st issue