Chairman message
Cultural concept
Survival and development
Operation and management
Team building
Huihua Vision—Building "Harmonious Huihua, Open Huihua, and Strength Huihua"
Honesty, cooperation-oriented, change and innovation are the soul
Keep your feet on the ground and achieve dreams
Innovation is the call of mission and the inevitable requirement of development
Wise first
Persist in reform and innovation, and work hard and down-to-earth
Keep your feet on the ground and achieve dreams

How can a team and an individual who don't even have a dream have persistent actions and perseverance in pursuit. Back then, Huihua's entrepreneurs started from scratch with dreams, operating stores on credit, and Jiefang Trucks on credit started a difficult entrepreneurial road. Recalling that Huihua grew up, from weak to relatively strong, the top managers are always in fear, like walking on thin ice, never slacking off. Thousands of welcoming and sending have never failed, and hundreds of promises have never been broken. Take the details to the extreme and regard integrity as the motto. Therefore, it has gained great trust from manufacturers and financial institutions, as well as generous recognition and support.

Mere dreams are not enough, dare to ask where is the way? The road is underfoot. For decades as a day, it is not easy to do every simple thing well; it is not ordinary to do every ordinary thing, you can win trust and achieve your dream.

Some people say that Huihua is a dream factory, and our goal is to build a "dream team." Mature companies play down the personal color of investors or entrepreneurs and take the path of professional team development. The key point here is the maturity of professional managers. Professional managers cannot be brave enough to take responsibility, or lack the ability and professionalism to be independent, which will inevitably result in a lack or vacuum in operation and management, which will not only delay the development of the enterprise, but also ruin the life of the enterprise. The management team should cultivate and establish a sense of responsibility. Doing corporate things is like doing personal things; the presence or absence of superiors is the same; good times and difficulties are the same; if you treat your career as a career, you can definitely become a mature professional manager , Achieve your ideals and turn your dreams into reality.

Huihua's strategic goal of "striving for the first, innovating industry, and building Huihua's first service brand" has created a stage for everyone to achieve their dreams. I hope everyone can dance with long sleeves. Dance the excitement of life!

Quoted from the chairman's message in the 17th issue