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Huihua Vision—Building "Harmonious Huihua, Open Huihua, and Strength Huihua"
Honesty, cooperation-oriented, change and innovation are the soul
Keep your feet on the ground and achieve dreams
Innovation is the call of mission and the inevitable requirement of development
Wise first
Persist in reform and innovation, and work hard and down-to-earth
Honesty, cooperation-oriented, change and innovation are the soul

The realization of the "Seven Ones" strategic goal of Huihua Group, and even the pursuit of greater development, will make a greater contribution to society. Honesty and cooperation are the fundamentals, and reform and innovation are the soul.

Honesty is the essence of Huihua's corporate culture. When Huihua started its business from scratch, the reason why it has won the trust of customers, the strong support of manufacturers, financial institutions, and government departments, has gathered more and more industry elites and people of insight to join this team. There are many factors, but the most The important thing is to rely on integrity. Investors and entrepreneurs do their best to build a platform for employees, create opportunities, provide growth space, create value for customers, and return to society.

Huihua people are equal partners regardless of their position or seniority. In the relay race of the Group Long March, there is no priority, sooner or later, the important thing is to see who holds the stick and runs the fastest. Everyone has nothing to eat. It is the responsibility of management teams at all levels, especially the senior management team, to help and guide newcomers to plan their careers and realize their own value in the process of achieving corporate goals.

It is the duty of every employee to learn, progress and be loyal to their duties. Since you have chosen Huihua, you should love him wholeheartedly. Chen Zhiyu, administrative manager of Jiefang Commercial Vehicle's Shenyang 45 store, took up his new post with his loyalty and enthusiasm to make the department's work look new. With a small cost investment, the automobile warehouse has become a vigorous, vigorous and orderly exhibition hall. It has played a positive role in boosting the sales of complete vehicles and spare parts. There is no boundary in service and the scope of cooperation is broad. It is important to see who takes the initiative to take a step instead of just being a waiter.

The most important thing in the competitiveness of modern enterprises is the ability to change and innovate. Thinking the old way of thinking and working the old way, the team you lead can only look the same. The breakthrough of the Group's derivative business in 2010 was the change of thinking mode and the innovation of business model. Time and practice are the best teachers, and they have given us the most persuasive education and enlightenment. The Jiefang brand sales of 10,000 vehicles and spare parts sales of 100 million yuan are expected to be achieved ahead of schedule by the end of this year, which is great for all Huihua people. Only with the encouragement and excitement of the people, changes and breakthroughs can make Huihua's scene always new.

Of course, there is a certain significance in the scale of an enterprise, and the more historical significance is to become stronger, which is to tap and create more customer value. This goal can only be achieved through changes and innovations in thinking and business models. This space is limitless. We will set up various innovation awards to encourage change and promote corporate development and employee progress.

Quoted from the chairman's message in the 11th issue