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Not only a legend, but also a pioneer of the times. TAs are the business leaders who assess the situation and plan strategies. In the chaotic situation, dare to innovate and expand more space for development. TAs are entrepreneurial upstarts who embrace the future and are good at using smart investment. To succeed, they must achieve more. In the TAs, there are not only the transcendent charm of reading Qianfan, but also the wisdom and courage to be the first.

On July 13, 2020, FAW Toyota officially released the 2021 Corolla. As a benchmark for compact models, the 2021 Corolla applies brand-new intelligent technology and, with the full support of artificial intelligence, hopes to create a more intelligent and enjoyable travel experience for users. At the same time, all levels and prices of the 2021 Corolla fuel version and the dual engine version are the same as the 2019 models. The 2021 Corolla with no price increase is sincere.

On September 10th, the award ceremony of "Social Responsibility of Chinese Automobile Companies-The Heroes of China's Automobile War" was held in Beijing by the "China Automobile News". The measures and achievements FAW-Volkswagen has taken in the fight against the epidemic have been highly recognized by the industry and experts, and won the title of excellent enterprise in the fight against the epidemic.

On September 17, at the 2020 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference, FAW-Volkswagen and Zebra Networks signed a strategic cooperation agreement. FAW-Volkswagen Director, Party Secretary and General Manager Liu Yigong, (Technical) Deputy General Manager Diard, Alibaba Group Vice President and Zebra Network CEO Zhang Chunhui attended the signing ceremony.

On August 24, FAW-Volkswagen's new CC hunting truck and new CC officially rolled off the FAW-Volkswagen Changchun plant. Zhang Zhijun, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Changchun Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Changchun City, Wang Haiying, Deputy Mayor of Changchun City, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Auto Development Zone, Zhao Xian, Secretary General of the Changchun Municipal Government, Cheng Cheng Government leaders such as Yu Yu, FAW-Volkswagen Co., Ltd. director, party secretary, general manager Liu Yigong and other members of the Economic Management Committee and related leaders witnessed this exciting moment together with FAW-Volkswagen employee representatives.

In March this year, in order to promote the development of China's automobile environmental protection technology and promote the construction of ecological civilization, FAW-Volkswagen and the China Environmental Protection Foundation jointly launched the "Automotive Environmental Innovation Leading Plan" with the professional support of Tsinghua University. After several months of application and review, 14 scientific and technological innovation projects from universities or scientific research institutions such as Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences received seed funding support. From September 1st to 2nd, FAW-Volkswagen China Environmental Protection Foundation "Automotive Environmental Protection Innovation Leading Program" funding ceremony and corporate social responsibility innovation forum will be held in Changchun base.

Judging from the exposed high-definition official images, the brand-new third-generation Pentium B70, which adopts the design language of the "sexy curved surface of the philosophy of light and shadow", is undoubtedly a masterpiece that refreshes the "high-end sexy oriental aesthetics".

At the 23rd Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition, FAW Bestune took “Bentium Unlimited Perseverance for You” as the theme of the exhibition, and exhibited in Hall H with its Bestune T77 and Bestune T99 models. At the press conference that day, FAW Bestune officially released the "Infinite Equation FMA Architecture". At the same time, the first product based on this architecture that embodies the new design language of Bestune "Sexy Curved Surface of Light and Shadow Philosophy" was officially named the "New Third Generation" Pentium B70".