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Luxury imported MPV and VELLFIRE HYBRID are renewed and upgraded

Not only a legend, but also a pioneer of the times. TAs are the business leaders who assess the situation and plan strategies. In the chaotic situation, dare to innovate and expand more space for development. TAs are entrepreneurial upstarts who embrace the future and are good at using smart investment. To succeed, they must achieve more. In the TAs, there are not only the transcendent charm of reading Qianfan, but also the wisdom and courage to be the first.

The eyes that I have confirmed are fellows with the same cohesive wisdom and outreach. Today, the luxurious MPV VELLFIRE HYBRID (hereinafter referred to as the Welfa Shuangqing) originally introduced by FAW Toyota has officially ushered in a renewal and upgrade, specifically for the urban Kochi crowd who are looking for dynamic appearance, generous space and ultimate comfort. .


Safety in the smallest detail, protect safe travel from details

As a luxury imported MPV customized for upstarts, the upgraded "Crown Car" Weirfa Double Engine not only inherits the charming and youthful business and leisure style, but also has a comprehensive security system and multimedia entertainment system. Upgrade and renewal.


The FDM streaming media rearview mirror has been upgraded to 9.6 inches, and the pixel density of the display has been increased to 170ppi, providing a more detailed picture and a wider viewing angle. Through the rear camera, the rear image is collected and displayed on the rearview mirror, which can greatly improve the rear view without being affected by the objects in the car. Not only can it clearly show the road conditions behind the car during the day, it can still provide a clear picture in rainy or at night, and the equipment can effectively improve safety.


The RCTAB rear blind spot warning system with auxiliary brake is added to make parking more convenient. The radar pre-installed at the rear of the car can observe six roads and detect the road behind it in real time. When it is found that the vehicle behind the reversing side is likely to collide, the system will send out a warning sound to remind. If the system determines that a collision is extremely likely, it will automatically apply the brake to avoid the collision or reduce the loss of the collision.

The ICS intelligent radar with auxiliary braking function can provide safety protection at low speeds. Relying on the body's radar detection system, it can detect obstacles in time. When the system monitors a possible collision with the obstacle, it will issue a warning to urge the driver to take evasive measures. If the system judges that it is very likely to collide with an obstacle, it will automatically apply the brake to avoid the collision or reduce the collision loss.

Also upgraded is Toyota Zhixing Internet, which has newly imported DCM data communication module, which can provide car owners with emergency rescue and road rescue in time, and escort them in the first time.


Smart magic, interesting entertainment management, interesting life

Weilfa Shuangqing not only brings meticulous safety care, but also makes the future travel of upstarts more enjoyable. The multimedia display in the car and the AVN navigation system have also been upgraded to a 10.5-inch touch screen with the times, and support the introduction of Baidu CarLife, bringing a more convenient smart car experience.


Creating a "luxury first-class" audio-visual enjoyment is also the top priority of the Wealfa Dual Engine upgrade. The exclusive DVD rear entertainment audio-visual system adopts a high-resolution 13.3-inch LCD screen with a ceiling-mounted design and supports USB , HDMI multi-mode input, combined with the second row of electric Ottoman wide-body flagship seats, can create an extraordinary entertainment listening experience.


Quietly, creating the trend of the times is the unremitting pursuit of the new generation of upstarts. The upgraded Weirfa Shuangqing are safe and reliable enough to make them move forward boldly. This time, the "Crown Car" Weirfa Shuangqing will continue to surpass the expectations of the product strength to meet the needs of the elites in an all-round way, and help them bravely embark on a life journey full of challenges and opportunities.